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The Data Architecture Summit will cover the most important issues and technologies enabling the design and management of a modern Data Architecture. 
Data Architecture has long been at the intersection of business and technology. The role of the Data Architect is to interpret the language and objectives of business sponsors into designs that can be implemented by the technical experts and vice versa, they translate system designs and technological capabilities to the needs of the organization. Recently, this job has become more challenging (and interesting!) with the emergence of Big Data, the Cloud, Data Science, new Database technologies, and Data Governance.
The goal of the Data Architecture Summit is to provide a comprehensive educational program that defines the essential elements of a modern Data Architecture, and explains how you can create it for your own organization. This will include:

  • Big Data Architecture – understanding the core technologies of big data, how they integrate, and how to build a big data platform
  • Analytics Architecture – what are the new tools, new analytical methods, and how to create your own Data Science capability
  • Cloud Technologies – how best to utilize them to maximize cost and performance advantages while managing the risks
  • Real-time Architecture – what new technologies are best suited for analysis of streaming data and/or high-performance transactions
  • Security Architecture – understand how to include security and privacy requirements from the start of your project
  • Metadata Architecture – an increasing important and fast-evolving component of data-centric systems
  • Data Lakes – how are they different from warehouses, how are they leveraged for analytics, and how are they governed?
  • Enterprise Semantics the increasing critical role of ontologies and semantic alignment for data architecture
  • Database Architecture alternative databses, including NoSQL, graphs, and the Hadoop stack
  • Governance – how to build in governance and quality to support the needs of the business without limiting speed and innovation


Whether you’re looking to build or buy your new architecture, the Data Architecture Summit will provide the essential knowledge and language to understand the options. If you know you need to re-tool or upgrade your current architecture, attend this event and you’ll leave with a comprehensive understanding of your technology and design options and real-world advice on planning a smooth migration from industry professionals.

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