Symmetry in Modeling Approaches: Taking Advantage of Parallel Structures Across Entity-Relationship, Data Vault, JSON, the Data Lake, and API Design
  William Brooks   William C Brooks
Solution Engineer


Wednesday, November 15, 2017
08:30 AM - 09:20 AM

Level:  Case Study

With thousands of hours invested in application relational models, enterprise models, and dimensional models for analysis, does any of our legacy library still add value? Deep and sometimes surprising symmetries between different modeling methodologies, taxonomic and ontological representations, and physical implementations mean that YES, those diagrams can still be of value!


If you have relational models and data lakes; star schemas and data scientists, Data Vaults and document databases, or any combination where modeling techniques seem to clash, some of these connections and transformations may help you translate, implement, or explain connections between them.


In this session, we will cover, to varying degrees:

  • Relational ERDs
  • Dimensional models
  • Data Vault models
  • Analytical datasets
  • Property Graphs
  • XML
  • JSON 
  • RDF
  • Data lake implementations
  • Document databases
  • RESTful APIs

Bill Brooks has been modeling, managing and integrating data since 1995, beginning at CID Associates developing application databases, then at Children's Hospital Boston as manager of the Decision Support Systems Group. He managed data integration before becoming Enterprise Data Architect for MFS Investment Management, then served as Global Chief Data Architect for Mercer, where developed a firmwide data architecture practice and drove the creation of a shared big data and advanced analytics program. Bill's background includes traditional relational database design, data warehouse design and implementation, ETL, messaging and ESBs, and Hadoop and Spark-based analytics. Bill is now a Solution Engineer at Hortonworks, specializing in Data Governance and architecture for Hadoop and Spark solutions and serves on the board of Information Quality International (IQI/IAIDQ).